Evaporative Cooling Services

  • Installation, Service & Repair
  • Custom Cooler Panels (Replace Old or Rotted Cooler Panels)
  • Custom Ductwork
Aerocool Pro Series


  • Energy Efficiency - (As much as 75 percent less electricity than refrigerated air)
  • Affordable
  • No Special High-Amperage Circuit to Run
  • Adds Moisture to The Air
  • Easy Installation
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Within the cooling unit there is a large centralized fan. Surrounding this fan are moistened pads that are continually fed water through a small distribution line. The distribution line is fed water from a basin located inside and at the bottom of the unit. A float value is used to maintain the water level in the basin. Inside the basin is a small recirculating water pump that cycles the water through the pads. The fan (aka the blower) draws in the warmer air from outside and through the wet pads, which cools the air as much as 20°. The same fan blows the cooled air into the home using a system of sheet metal ducts. Unlike refrigerated air systems, evaporative coolers require an open system, which means that the cooled air should be allowed to flow out of or escape the home. By cracking open various windows you can contol the amount and direction of air flow, which will also control the cooling level.

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