During the winter, optimal gas heating is essential. Whether you need maintenance on an existing furnace or you need to replace your furnace completely, we have the professionals that can help you get there. We offer only the best brands of furnaces that will get you through the winter months feeling cozy. We will help match you with the furnace that is right for you. Energy efficiency, affordability, and unit capacity are all factors that go into selecting the right furnace for you. Don't trust just anybody. Let the experts at Gateway show you what we are capable of.


When Should I call Gateway?

  • Furnace is 10-20 years old
  • High Utility Bills
  • Discomfort
  • Unequal Distribution of Heat through your home
  • Furnace Produces No Heat
  • Furnace Produces Little Heat
  • Furnace Comes On and Off Too Quickly
  • Blower Does Not Turn Off
  • Furnace Makes Loud Noises

Heat Pumps

Another energy saving option is installing a heat pump. These pumps are designed to pull heat from it's source and transfer it throughout your home. Heat pumps use the natural heat underground so there is no burning fuel to create heat. In addition to heating, heat pumps can be effective cooling units too. Reversed, they can extract heat from inside your home and direct it outside. Why not call today and see if a Heat Pump would work for you?

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