Refrigerated Air Services

  • Install, Service & Repair
  • Evaporative to Refrigeration Conversions
  • Custom Ductwork
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

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  • Asthma Relief (Dries out Air)
  • Works Even Through Humidity Changes
  • Windows and Doors Remain Shut
  • Greater Range of Cooling
  • Does Not Need a Water Source

Evaporative to Refrigeration Conversions

There are many good reasons to convert to Refrigerated Air, and a conversion may be just the answer your family is looking for. Because of the many drawbacks to the cooling efficiency of evaporative coolers, refrigerated air makes a noticeable difference for any household. Call today for a FREE estimate!

Preventative Maintanence (PM) Plans

In order to keep your unit working for you, it is always recommended to insure your unit's reliability with a good Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan. PM plans are available at an affordable monthly price to help reduce your overall costs. With a PM plan, your unit will be monitored and adjusted on a monthly basis to keep serious problems at bay. Unfortunately, too many people fail to obtain PM plans and face expensive service repairs because their units slowly deteriorated with neglect. Call today and find out how you can save more with a Preventative Maintenance Plan!

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

This type of cooling system works much the same way as your refrigerator, using the e vaporation of a refrigerant liquid in a closed system to provide cooling. A compressor compresses the gas, which heats it. The gas then passes through coils allowing the heat to dissipate and for the gas to condense into a pressurized liquid. The pressurised liquid then passes through an expansion valve where it hits a low pressure area due to the vaccuum action of the compressor at the other end of the line. It then becomes a gas again at a much lower temperature, cooling the pipe that contains it. This gas flows through an insulated line to a console unit containing a series of coils with a fan behind it; which sucks air from the room over the coils, cooling the air and then pushing it back into your home.

A refrigerated air conditioning unit basically recycles the air in your home, whereas an evaporative system draws it from outside. Refrigerated air conditioning also removes humidity from the air through the condensation of moisture on the cold evaporator coils. This condensation is drawn away to either evaporate in a pan over the warm condensor coils or just run directly outside.

While refrigerated air conditioning doesn't directly use water, it does use more electricity than evaporative air cooling. That's where the water usage lies;  in the electricity generation process. When this is taken into account, the amount of water used by refrigerated cooling unit is approximately two thirds that of an evaporative unit.


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